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101 Freeway Closure

Policy: The company offering ferry service to/from Santa Barbara today doesn’t issue refunds. At best, they will give a store credit, but only if you show up BEFORE your boat departs and request it in person. So I got there when they opened, at 6:00 a.m. this morning…

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New Student Orientation

I had no idea that the new student orientation itself would be run like a seven-hour group therapy session! It was both refreshing at times, and comical at others.

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Why do I write (and talk) so much?

Are you really processing when you remove yourself from the conversation? Or, are you just distracting yourself, purposely NOT processing for awhile?” He says he is definitely processing. I want to ask him, “How do you *know* that you are processing?” because I think the answer will reveal that he is not consciously processing … he’s just taking a time-out, removing any further input and conversation, allowing himself to trust his subconscious process. Mind you, I’m not suggesting this is a BAD thing.

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“Passenger Makes Me an Offer”

Another exhausting cruise had just ended, and in a few minutes time, another would begin. On Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, we had just finished disembarking the two thousand well-fed passengers who had tested the durability of our phoney smiles for an entire week. The few minutes of a silent, empty ship is never enough to fully refresh us, but a moment’s peace is always welcomed. By noon another two thousand hungry pairs of eye will be looking upon us and our prize-winning cruise ship for the very first time, chanting, “Love! Exciting and new. Come aboard. We’re expecting you.”

We put our phoney smiles back in position, ready to set sail again.

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